2 Day Dentures

The Two Day Service by Elite Dental Studio

On arriving in Ripon, we like a consultation to assess the case some time that afternoon.

The following morning the appointments begin as follows:

1st Day

9.00am till 10.00amImpressions and registering of the jaw relationship.
Break (An hour to 30 minutes)
11.00am till 12.30pmSetting of the teeth in wax.
Break (For lunch)
2.00pm till 2.30pmApproval of the denture in wax.
End of Day (The rest of the day is yours to do as you wish.)

2nd Day

11.30am till noonFitting of finished dentures.
Break (For lunch)
1.00pmAppraisal or easing of denture after first initial trial.

Contact us for more information about our 2 Day Denture package.