Thinking of Implants?

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In our opinion this option is to be researched and understood, to enable you to make an 'informed decision'.

The results can be seen within this website together with the link provided, which will give you a good idea of the procedure.

At elite we advise a simple procedure with predictable results, with as little disruption to your life as possible, most techniques available are comparatively complex to the one below, however in a full reconstruction situation we like to keep the appliance to a minimum, replacing the teeth accurately and more importantly only replacing the gum that has been lost, creating removable bridges that donít move in the mouth, as oppose to full dentures with a palate and lots of excess gum/plastic.

The elite advantage is this implant system, together with our restoration techniques, reconstructs your dentition to work as natural teeth would, with the endless options in appearance being completely predictable. We can create the smile you dream of.

Ankylos syncone/overdenture

Implants are placed by Dr. R. Nichols please click on the following link: