Itís all in the Eyes

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  • Very uncertain regarding treatment.
  • Would not eat in public/ restraunts.
  • Never smiled.
  • The appearance interfered and suppressed his confidence.
  • Sick of soft food diet.
  • Failing past experiences leading him to believe there were no options left.
  • Pet hate Ė the gaps present between teeth & cheeks
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His current situation did not fulfil the necessity of any dental restoration, that the appliances 'function' as tools which enable the patient to eat efficiently and that the appearance is either pleasant or natural looking.

The result...

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Our Comments

'Its all in the eyes'; they seem to say everything in this case and were very grateful to patient one for his kind letter and allowing us to use these photos.

Patients Comments

"I would like to say a great big thank you for the phenomenal work you preformed on creating my new teeth. As you are now aware I had resigned myself to a lifetime of having bad dentures. Every experience Iíve had previously with dentists has been miserable until now. You understood my fears and embarrassment. But thanks to you I did not feel fear, nor was I embarrassed at ant time."

"I never imagined my teeth could look so good whilst looking so totally natural.
Your work is top quality, making all the skills you have, a combination that canít be beaten and your professionalism is second to none. You returned my smile by putting in miles of effort."

"To anyone having reservations about improving their teeth, I would like to reassure and recommend Markís work and service. Miracles can and do happen."