Sometimes partners benefit a great deal too!

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  • Appearance
  • Mobile lower denture
  • Unable to eat desired food
  • Time taken to eat meal
  • General effect on social life
  • Sick of Denture grip routine
  • Bleached white tone to teeth
  • General feminine appearance to dentures
  • Pet hate The way they come together
Before Image Before Image Before Image Before Image

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This case is like so many others, where we could not `change` the patient so much that friends would notice, so we compromised between the present appearance and a true to life natural looking set,(a lot darker shade of tooth with twisted/rotated crown of the teeth, gaps and the breaking up of the flat lines to the front teeth. etc.) The priorities here were function, 'subtle' changes and to reconstruct a more masculine` replacement.

The result...

After Image After Image After Image After Image After Image

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Our Comments

On the majority of cases the partners of the patients benefit too, and sometimes acknowledge their appreciation, as the letter states, both their lives improved, which is a bonus for us and one of the finest feelings experienced in the job, we are very grateful to both Mr. & Mrs. Patient two for their kind words and allowing us to use these photos.

Patient Comments

"Just a line to say thankyou so very much, my husband is absolutely delighted with his new teeth. He had, had such bad experiences with previous dentures and had more or less resigned himself to having to live with the problems."

"I am so glad we were fortunate enough to find you. You have given [my husband] his confidence back, he can enjoy life again, his dentures are as good as natural teeth, he looks great and can really enjoy his food again."

"We are so grateful to you, you really care and the results speak for themselves.
With our best wishes."