Dramatic changes only work when they appear natural

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  • The Denture Appearance
  • Mobile lower denture
  • Lower denture stepping down behind natural teeth
  • Upper denture not matching lower natural teeth
  • Not being able to chew
  • Pet Hate General look and performance
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In this case the patient was prepared for dramatic change, however, reserved about how I would intemperate the information/clues left by his lower natural teeth, this was the main concern that his treatment blended with his face and structure, so much so that people would think 'nothing at all' when meeting him, other than the impression they would get from his natural pleasant character!

The result...

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Our Comments

It was great to give Patient 3 his general structure back, with appliances that worked just as he had always wished, this is my favourite kind of reconstruction, where what we achieve is visually taken for granted and just compliments the features around them, almost disappearing within the patient due to copying natures reference points.

Patient Comments

"I wish to let you know how pleased I am with the set of dentures you have made for me. They bring to an end five years of discomfort and eating problems, during which time I visited four dental practices and spent over 3,000 on conventional but ill-fitting dentures."

"I can now eat and speak normally what a relief!"